GPS Navigation in India

Hi, yesterday I searched for GPS softwares for my Nokia 5800, I came across many providers. Here is a list of GPS providers for indian cities.

Among these solution I liked Google Latitude most. Google Latitude is free and have good coverage in India. I am using this for Chandigarh. It has My Location, Driving direction support for Chandigarh.

You can download it from here :

The best feature of latitude is, track your friend’s locaiton on web (iGoogle). You can select your friends to view your current location. This application automatically activate backgroung services which update your location automatically on server.


Although this has serious privacy issue, but you can always control this feature in privacy  setting. You can turn it on / off, block friend to watch your location etc.


This application is very useful to parents. They can get current location of there children. Overall this is very good and free solution available. This application is available for varity of phones.

Top of all this provide GPS service for non GPS handset also. You wonder how? Checkout this video from google.

Its worth to try it out.

Make free internet calls (Google, skype, MSN, SIP, WeFi) from your mobile

Symbian Smart Phones are very popular these days. A lot of hot applications are in market for symbian platform. Thanks to Nokia for creating this platform. Now I am going to tell you about a very useful application of smart phone, If you are a freelancer (like me), CEO and other marketing executive, have to remain online all the time for customer inquiries, then I am sure you will like this application.

Go to download in install application in your phone. Run this application. It will ask you for permissions, allow all permissions and continue. Now you will be asked for subscription Skype, Gtalk, MSN etc, select desired services and enter login details. Done!

Now you can call buddies from fringe. The call quality is very goon even in EDGE network. Few fetures are as follows

  • Voice calls and chat over 3G and Wi-Fi
  • Skype and Google Talk integration (Voice and Chat)
  • History (Missed calls, Incoming/Outgoing calls)
  • Good voice quality

Hope you will enjoy fringe. Don’t forget to call me my ID is abhinavzone

Manage linux server from your SmartPhone

Today I am going to write something very interesting, Suppose you are enjoying holiday and suddenly one of your visitor call you and inform you that your Database Server is not responding.. You are in hill area and do not have have any cyber cafe around.. hmm?

I tell you the gr88 solution. Download Putty for your smart phone (I have Nokia 5800) and install. Through this application you can execute linux command from your phone console to your server. To use this with your server you must have Static IP of server and SSH access of server.

Note for Indian users: If you are using GPRS Mobile (Internet on mobile) package, then this application may not work. Because operators block all ports other than 80 (http) in case of GPRS Mobile (Internet on mobile) packages. To avoid this you have to activate GPRS Internet on your mobile.

I am using IDEA, GPRS Internet for Rs. 249.00 / month (unlimited download).

let me know if you have any problem 😉


Python for Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic s60v5

Hi, yesterday I was browsing around application for My Nokia 5600 ExpresMusic phone. I found some cool applications written in python. I have to install python runtime to run these application.

Thee is no stable version released for s60 v5 Symbian edition, but there is a test release available. you can download it from here .

After installation Python I installed XpressAlarm but nither Xpress Alarm or Python console was starting. I searched enough but did not found anything. Finally I give up.

Today morning I updated my mobile firmware to 21.0.025. and checked python, It worked!!! Yahoooo!!!

So if you are unable to run python on your Symbian phone, update firmware. Here is procedure,

Goto Menu > Settings > Phone > Phone mgmt. > Device update > Option > Check for update

After taping Check for update you will see downloading confirmation and update begin to download. Install it and phone will restart. Don’t forget to take backup of your phone memory also songs come with 5800 ExpressMusic (My music files came with Nokia is not working after update).