jQuery and Me…

I use mootools for all JS related tasks. Mootools is good library but has very limited support and few plugin available on net (most of you are not agree of this but it’s my openion based on 2 year exp with mootools) .

So I decided to move on to another framework. There is many JS toolkits available.

etc.. much much more

But these are key players. I selected jQuery among these frameworks.. Why? because It has gr8 support good community and top of all, has rich plug-in directory.

To go through jQuery I am reading Learning jQuery 1.3 By Jonathan Chaffer and Karl Swedberg. Its comprehensive book for beginners. I recommend you to read that if you want to play well with jQuery.

jQuery has rich set of selectors. you can also define custom selectors. jQuery has unique chaining support which makes development faster. I hope the jQuery and me will cover a long distance togather. Let’s see… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Javascript dubugging in IE7

Yesterday I got stuck into a serious issue! I generally use Firefox (with my favorite firebug & webdeveloper toolbar) for development. I developed a small game in which I was using JSON to get data from server and mootools js library for Ajax. The system was working well on Firefox but got stuck on IE7. Even after wasting 2 hours I got nothing. The bad thing about IE is, that it doesn’t have support for developers. I also searched IE official add on site but nothing found.
Finally I found a solution in a blog. The ms script debugger. Its very good tool for script debugging. Microsoft should provide it by default with IE distribution.
You can get this debugger with MS Office xp / 2000 distribution (Use complete install) or on microsoft download website.
Install it and follow these steps.
Go to Tools->Internet Option->Advance and uncheck Disable script debugging
Now run your page if there are any JS error the you will receive a notification Click on Yes.
Select new Instance and continue. Here you will see exact error line.
Thatโ€™s great…. Now enjoy debugging on IE ๐Ÿ˜‰