Hack Windows 7 with Vbootkit 2.0

A proof-of-concept security exploit in Microsoft?s Windows 7 operating system has been released by Indian security researchers. The exploit has been named as VBootKit . The researchers had earlier promised that they would not make the exploit code public for fear of misuse. VBootKit 2.0 was coded by researchers Nitin Kumar and Vipin Kumar; and the code is now available as open source for anyone who is interested to see how it works. The researchers released the proof-of-concep

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Windows7 Release Candidate

Windows has launched Windows 7 Release Candidate.  According to windows team, the have fixed 100s of issue in windows. They claim that this version has  many exctiting features. Let’s see this version breaks record as WinXP or not after Microsoft biggest flop Vista. You can download and check Release Candidate from Here.